Monday, January 6, 2014

Bukit Teresa Singapore

In the early and mid 70s. I was introduced to a serene part of Singapore, far from the concrete place that I lived in. This was the place my wife and her family lived : Bukit Teresa. It was a big kampong which stretched all the way to Radin Mas, before the HDB flats took over in the 1980s. The estate is now known as Bukit Purmei.
In this area, there is a road which leads up to the Teresa Villas condos. It starts from the present Kellock Convent. The Carmelite Monastery where the Carmelite Sisters lives is right up the hill.

The Carmelite Monastery

The road leading up down to Bk Teresa Rd from Monastery
Entrance of the Carmelite Monastery
Read more about the Carmelite Sisters from the link above

Gate to the Monastery
Road up to Carmelite Monastery
Footstep entrance to Monastery

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