Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life after Retirement 2014

After about a month of doing 'nothing', the routines of reading papers, going for breakfast, collecting My Paper and Today from the distributors at the MRT station, reading the whole newspaper by morning and further reading on NLB books, it was getting depressive as contact with the pupils and personnels in the school was minimal. One tends to miss them after 38 years of daily connections. So the urge to go back to school is very strong.
Fortunately, after a week of uncertainty, I was finally back to the education system on 10th Jan 2014. The new routines formed a significant uplift to the retired years.......

10 Jan 2014 First day in new school : the dawn

As the day brightens.... the field

it gets brighter.....the canteen block

                                              pupils start to gather for the morning assembly
as more pupils gather....

view of the grandstand

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