Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kg Bahru Singapore

Kampungs are rare in Singapore. There are remnants of it around some parts of Singapore. One such rare sighting can be found in Radin Mas or Kg Bahru or Bukit Purmei and it was not highlighted until recently. This small area, a hillock, beside Block 102, Bukit Purmei cannot be seen from the main road. It has a few old graves, believed that they belonged to some Malay royalty. The graveyard is flanked by one zinc roofed wooden house, remnants from the Radin Mas kampung days. It brought back the good old days when the air, space and greens were free and plentiful.
Below are the pictures of the house.

Frontage of zinc roofed house

Stairs leading to house from concrete path

Side of the house

Side view of the house, graveyard at the left area
View of house from Block 102

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