Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thanks, 'Cher

Thanking 'cher
Most pupils seldom express their gratitude except on certain occasions like Teacher's Day or during Chinese New year when they come back to visit their former teachers. It is not that they are ungrateful. Their day-to-day business ensured that they have no time to reflect in anything else, least to thank teachers who seemed to be 'monsters' or slave drivers in class. There were also times when we met former pupils outside school years after they left the school many years ago. Usually they would forgot about the 'bad' times. Rather, they would speak about memories in a positive mood. One pupils even pointed out to his 4 children that I was the Discipline Master when he was a pupil and that they should always behave in school or else....... Some remembered the caning, the haircuts, the scolding, etc but in the end, it seemed that they appreciated the effort of teachers.

 The messages from my last Sec 4C class of 2013.

 Message from a former pupil of 2009 who still visits the school during Teacher's Day every year.

From a pupil of Class 2010

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