Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ortega Cup 2004

While I was digitizing my past photographs, I came across an album with pictures of the revived 2004 Ortega Cup held in RI Bishan.

Waiting for match to start

RI Old Boys lineup 

 Introducing Quah Kim Song

 Waiting for GOH's arrival

 Emran introduced to GOH Mr Tarmugi
 Au-yeong introducing the players to GOH Mr Tarmugi

 Rafflesian's solid defender

 Line up before the start

Au-yeong and Kim Song in half time talk

Rafflesians and Josephians

    Au-yeong Pak Kuan receiving winners trophy from Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, GOH and 
    a Rafflesian

    The winning team 2004 at RI ground. Mr Alfred Chen, teacher in charge of RI soccer in the 
    70s was standing beside me at 2nd row, 3rd from right.

Rafflesian meeting Rafflesians

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