Monday, January 5, 2015

Cowboy Town JB 1

JB is notoriously known as a cowboy town. It's seemingly modern and inviting atmosphere is an attraction for one and all. However beneath this seam lies it's darker side. The town attracts all sorts of people from around Malaysia who targets Singaporean visitors. Many Singaporeans are often lulled into a sense of security and let their guards down. Some display their wealth and cash openly, drove big fancy cars.......there are eyes watching!!

Latest robbery method in JB

The robbers will watch or follow you to a car park. After you lock and go about your own business (shopping, eating, drinking, what else) you may not notice them nearby, ready to pounce. They will remove your car's rear number plate and replace with a false one. After you have done with your enjoyment, you will drive off without noticing the change of plates.
As you drive along, the robbers follow in a car or motor cycle, come beside you at some junction and show you your number plate. Naturally, you will stop and start to ask about the matter. Once you are out of the car, you are vulnerable. The robbers will either tackle you and/or drive away your car, possibly with your wife, children and documents still inside. Big big trouble!!! That is the beginning of your nightmare.

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