Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chua Chu Kang Secondary School - post 1996

 When the first batch of pupils graduated from CCKS in 1996, the mood seemed to be deflated. However, life went on quiet nicely with Mrs Teo Khin Hiang as Principal. It was also time for consolidation and there were many happy moments among staff, at least the bonding was getting stronger. We still dare to be different in many ways, eg celebrating National Day with our neighbor, Signal Camp (Stagmont). The school organization structure was established and things went on until.........another change of Principal in/at around 1999.
When Mrs Teo left to start a new school in the East. she "took along" quite a number of staff /KPs to join her there. Those who were left behind, especially those who were in CCKS for a long time, felt a sense of deja many strong personalities were leaving. It was like starting all over again. This time it was not easy... it was hell. Period.

                                                                         CCKS Staff 1999
                                 Year 2015..............I could only see 3 faces who are still with CCKS. The people in the front row had all left, either promoted or retired or doing some other 'things'. The late Mr Yeo S P and Mr Teh B C were seated on the right of picture.
 The first batch pupils who made it to 'O' levels
CCKS Craft n Technology Dept in the late 90s. Only Mr Zulkiflee (left wearing red)and Mr Ong HT (beside Zul) are left in CCKS at this moment (2016)
CCKS staff at St John's Island circa 1998
Staff at Sec 2 Camp at MoE Campsite circa 1998

Sec 2 Camp Water Confidence at Jln Bahtera campsite circa 1998

Raft building during Sec 2 Camp circa 1998

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