Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everchanging Landscape 1 - Alexandra Road

Personal Musings:

Alexandra Road- Prince Philip Avenue, Prince Charles Avenue : These British sounding roads are still around. However, the landscape around these roads had changed totally. The 4-storey rental flats along Alexandra Road (from former 'Thye Hong Biscuit factory' till Lower Delta Road) were demolished in the 90s. Those higher blocks inside the estate near where Crescent Girls School were gone way before that. At present, only CGS and the old Post Office building were left behind.

Block 39 Alexandra Road where I lived in the 80s till 1993

September 2016

Where Blk 39 used to be is an empty land now

Blk 39 empty land looking towards Blk 101 & Alessandra Condominium along Alexandra Road
Now, Viking Road has disappeared!!!

The old Alexandra Post Office Building is still standing but the PO occupies only a small part of it.

The Cars I owned in my lifetime:

My first car was a second hand 7 year old orange coloured Mazda 323 in 1980 costing around $7000.

1980 Mazda 323 : EG 4503 P 1000cc car

My second car was also a second-hand car, a midnight blue Mitsubishi Lancer ET 9112 L in the mid-80s costing around 10K for a 7-year old 1400cc car.

 My third car, a brand new Proton Saga 1.3 (late 1980s to early 90s). Proton was Malaysia's pride then. SBQ4101C

My fourth car, Mazda 323 (late 1990s), a champagne gold 1.3L car SCV9104Z

The fifth car was a Nissan Sunny EX, late 90s to mid 2000s SFA 3049P costing about 43K

In 2006, again I opted for a Silver Nissan Sunny 1.3 costing 47K, a facelift version of the previous car. Drove it for ten problem-free years.


April 2016 : White Kia Forte costing 89K SLB1622X

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