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Everchanging Landscape 2 Bukit Ho Swee Revisited

Having spent a good part of my teenage years in Bukit Ho Swee, specifically Jln Bukit Ho Swee, I cannot help but felt a strong sense of nostalgia when I walk through the estate again recently (2016). There are certain areas which are unchanged till today eg the HDB blocks at Beo Crescent (Blk 28....32) and Taman Ho Swee (Blk 4 onwards). The area towards Tiong Bahru is now a complete makeover, known as Boon Tiong estate.

 Jln Bukit Ho Swee 1960s

 Jln Bukit Ho Swee 2016

Boon Tiong Estate on the left replaced the old one room blocks, the road seemed to be the same.

Jln Bukit Ho Swee one room flats on the right were built after the great fire, 1960s. Block 5, where I lived was shown clearly.

Another view of Block 5 on left of photo

Source : National Archives of Singapore

Now: This block replaced Blk 5 of the 60s

The corner with Taman Ho Swee now....compared to the 1960 picture above

Photo showed Boon Tiong's 4-storey flats which were behind the one-room flats. Our blocks were elevated above them.
Source: National Archives of Singapore

The 3 photos taken in 2004 showed the Boon Tiong 4-storey flats. The staircase actually led to the Bukit Ho Swee flats during the heydays. These flats were demolished a few years later.

2016 : Secondary road leads to Taman Ho Swee. Below photo in 1962 showed the very corner then.

Block 4 Taman Ho Swee and the rest of the blocks behind are remnants of Bukit Ho Swee 1960s. This slope leads up to Blk 4 from Jln Bukit Ho Swee, The 1960 photo showed Block 4, on the left, in the midst of construction
Source : National Archives of Singapore

The iconic globe playground of the 1960s/70s at Bukit Ho Swee. Havelock Road and Ganges Ave flats were in the back of the picture.
Source: National Archives of Singapore

Photo showed the Globe playground being constructed together with Bukit Ho Swee Primary Schools.
Source: National Archives of Singapore
The completed Globe for play, simple pleasure!!

 Bukit Ho Swee East and West School (near view left) are now buildings for SEAB Headquarters

2016 : Only the Havelock flat is left. The Ganges Road area is now occupied by a condominium

Blks 32, 30, 28. on the right of photo
One room flat with bamboo hangings on the left in 1960s/70s.'  Blk 13 on left second block
Source : National Archives of Singapore

2016 view of about the same area as above

 Jln Bukit Ho Swee 2016, the right side blocks replaced the one-room flats

2016 Jln Klinik These block remains.....

1963 photo of Bukit Ho Swee West School. The East School was inside (on left of photo). This was one of the old photographs in the SG50 CCE package for schools.

2016 The same building has been used as the SEAB Headquarters for quite a while.

At the end of Jln Bukit Ho Swee, there was the Delta Circus, Alexandra Road on left, Havelock Road on right, River Valley Road on top and Lower Delta Road below photo.
September 2016 : Delta Circus have been converted into a major crossroad junction

At end of Jln Bukit Ho Swee, there is also a Block 50 where NTUC Supermarket was located. It is still there today.
Source : National Archives of Singapore

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