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Mr LKY's Funeral 29 March 2015

Supreme Court & City Hall Bldg, St Andrew's Rd 29 March 2015 @1030hrs


Crowd gathered along St Andrew's Road as viewed from Old Parliament House
State flag at Half mast above Supreme Court & City Hall Bldg 29 March 2015
29 March 2015 Sunday
It was a cool but cloudy morning as my wife and I set out to board the train to Raffles Station at 0900 hrs. From there we walked to the Parliament House area so that we can view the funeral procession. Upon reaching the Padang area at around 1000 hrs, we saw a big crowd already assembled around the Padang perimeter and City Hall area.

Supreme Court & City Hall viewed from Padang 1100 hrs 29 March 2015

One of the 23-pounder which gave the 21 gun salute during the funeral

We planted ourselves at the Old Parliament House area and finally settled down to an area near the side gate of the OPH, thinking that it would offer a great view when the procession departs from the Parliament House.

View of Supreme Court from our position at Old Parliament House @1020 hrs
The rain started falling around 1130 hrs. At first it was a light platter but it got heavier and heavier, and before long we faced a thunderstorm! We were utterly wet by the rain as the umbrella was quite useless. Amazingly all the people around us and everywhere did not flinch from their position. They braved the heavy rain and chilling wind to wait patiently till 1300 hrs when the procession began.
The rain did not relent during the procession which passed by very quickly. However, all our spirits were highly lifted when we saw the hearse with Mr Lee's coffin draped in state flag. People shouted his name, thank yous and goodbyes. It was really an emotional moment, really hit.

After that we hurried home to catch the live telecast of the rest of the funeral ceremony. The teary moment came when the bugle sounded 'The Last Post' and we observed a minute if silence after the eulogies by the various people. The ceremony at UCC ended at around 1700 hrs. The procession then headed to Mandai for cremation which was a private affair.

Dear Mr Lee, for the whole week we were captured, through the TV programme and newsprints, by the accounts of your struggles in the past, your vision of the future for Singapore, your sacrifices and your endearing moments, etc so much so that we suddenly thought we knew you very much better. You will always remain a part of our life and we will continue to tell our children and grandchildren about you as you are Singapore. 
Thank yo very much for leaving behind a safe and prosperous country for us to live. We are eternally grateful for that.
Thank you and goodbye.....may you find peace in heaven, together with your loving wife.
We know that you will continued to look after us up there.
The rain fell down heavily from 1130 hrs onwards, view of Supreme Court from Old Parliament House

Crowd stayed on spot despite very heavy rain

Crowd gathered along the Esplanade Drive 1130 hrs 29 March 2015

View from Old Parliament House
View from Old Parliament House of Supreme Court with Elephant Statue foreground
1200 hrs 29 March 2015

Heavy rain fell before the funeral procession 29 March 2015 1200 hrs

Mr LKY's hearse passing by fleetingly 29 March 2015 @1315 hrs

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