Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birkhall Road School memories

My Birkhall Road School's classroom taken in 1964 when we were in Primary 5. I was seated third from end of the row nearest to door.

Primary 6 Birkhall Road School's uniform, blue vertical strips on white, blue shorts

Birkhall Road School's Report Book. Notice our Principal's Mdm Lucy Low's nice cursive handwriting?
This was, sadly, the only picture taken with my Pr 5 and 6 form teacher, Mr Tan in 1968, three years after I left Birkhall Primary. We went to Pulau Belakang Mati (now called Sentosa) for a day at the beach... Roger Chui Tuck Khuen, Tan Aik Huang were the former classmates I remembered from the picture.
I remembered Mr Tan as a teacher who insisted on correctness. During our handwriting period, he would go around the class and used a wooden rule to knock on our knuckles if he found us slacking. He used to live at Mei Ling Street but after all these years, I just wonder where he is now.

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