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Diaries from the Past - RI Soccer 1979

All eyes were on RI, the defending champion, this year. Only Emran Yusoff and Tan Eng Teng were left from the 1978 squad, from which the 1979 squad were built upon. As usual, a 3-day centralised training was conducted in mid-March.

Stdg R - L
Azhar Omar, Emran Yusoff, Lim Chin, M Azni, Pang Kim Soon, ____, William See, Billy Ng, Tan Eng Teng, Pavan Kumar
Mustafa Sidek, Shah Alam, Lim Eng Lee, Wee Way Kiat, Chiew Shung Hon, Zahari Mohamed, Chew Wai Cheong, Thong Kok Hung, Chew Sin Cheong, Koh Wei Howe

The tournament began in late March after the school holidays.

26 Mar     vs SVI                     1-0
28 Mar     vs Swiss Cottage    1-2
(This match was headlined on the sending off of Swiss striker Schelkis, see Straits Times Report below)
2 April      vs Nanyang J C      4-1

4 April    vs   Outram Sec    2-1      ( Qualified for the Q-finals, See New Nation Report below)
20 April  vs Ponggol V I   2-0 (See New Nation Report below about Billy Ng)

23 April  Q-finals 2nd match    vs Victoria  1-0 (New Nation Report below)

25 April  Q-finals 3rd match vs Ponggol VI   0-0

27 April  Semifinal vs Swiss Cottage (New Nation report below)

2 May 1979  3rd /4th placing  vs Boys' Town VI

1-1 after full time then extra time (Emran scored with a freekick)
Won 3rd place by penalty kicks 3-1

U16 Results

5 Feb   vs Umar Palavar       5-0
9 Feb   vs Gan Eng Seng       0-1
14 Feb  vs Catholic High       4-0
16 Feb  vs Henderson Sec    2-1
20 Feb  vs Anderson Sec      0-0
22 Feb  vs  Monk's Hill         1-7
28 Feb  vs Whitley Sec         0-0

Did not qualify for the next round
1979 RI B Soccer team

U14 Results

5 Feb     vs Whitley Sec        3-2
12 Feb   vs Anderson Sec     1-1
19 Feb   vs Balestier Hill      5-0
26 Feb   vs Gan Eng Seng    0-3

2nd Round
26 Mar   vs Tun Seri Lanang   2-2
30 Mar   vs Montfort               1-4
2 April   vs Tg Katong Tech    0-3

Did not qualify for 3rd Round

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