Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dreams - Chap Goh Mei

The full round moon on Chap Goh Mei morning 22 Feb 2016 Monday

A wierd fearful dream at night. The dream starts:

I was with two friends returning home after work. We climbed up a slope to reach what to be Jalan Bukit Ho Swee. Immediately we were confronted by two opposing groups of youths who were shouting and taunting each other. Most of them carried a weapon of a sort and we were right in the middle. A group of middle aged men were at the side. They shouted to us to leave but the two groups took it as a signal to start an attack!! We saw them converging towards us and we bolted, just in time to reach another hillock towards our home block. On reaching the top, a few youths nearly caught us from behind...their parang raised. Phew.....safely pulled up before they struck.

                               This was the road that my dream took place

In our own block of what seemed to be two-room flat, we did not dare to go back directly home. Instead, I made a detour by going up to another level and then walked down to our home. Along the corridor, gangs of rascals and gangsters loitered and caused problems along the way.

The dream ended when a note was slipped under the door of our locked house. The message was written on Chinese square paper. It warned us about the consequence of not joining the gangs. It was delivered by three youngsters who boldly sauntered away.......

This dream had the fear element of uncertainty and danger in an area where one is supposedly safe. Lawlessness will enbold people to act beyond rationale human limits as they would thought that they have the power over everyone.

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