Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Holiday Group Tour - The Gullible Tourists 3

The Gullible Tourists - 3

The third common product which the factory/outlet thrust to the group tourists is TEA especially in China and Taiwan. each country and each province claimed theirs to be the best and has the best health effect after drinking.
In the 5000 years of Chinese history, tea and the drinking of tea culture were well documented. The older the tea, the more expensive. That was why these tea producing/packing outlets would usually show slabs of expensive tea with certificate of guarantee of its age. This was done in a room where the salesperson would give out sample of freshly brewed tea.

In the recent visit to Zhangjiajie, the tea company showed the group 'tea pogency', an extract from the black tea which was made into pill form. This powder can be used for many purposes eg minimize aging when applied to the skin, etc beside being consumed. The salesperson claimed loudly that Mr Lee Hsien Loong, our Prime Minister is using it. There is no way to authenticate this claim unless we ask the PM himself. With such a claim and gullible believers present, it was no wonder that the pills went off the shelf quickly!

Red tea, green tea, black tea, each claiming its qualities. For those who are no tea drinkers, stick to boiled water instead of departing with a sizeable sum for the tea, only to find cheaper imported version back in Singapore. However, it must be said that the salespersons in the tea shops/outlets were not as persistent or hardselling as those from the jewellery or medical hall.

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