Monday, August 4, 2014

Attack of the Supermarket Shoppers 2 - Vegetables

Vegetables sold in the super/hyper market are usually pre-packed, tagged and priced in clear plastic bags for the simple reason of convenience and reduction of wastage, unlike those sold in the wet market. Thus, the leafy vegetables are already sorted out and should be fresh and clean, free of holes on leaves.
However, shoppers are still up to their antics when buying vegetables:

-  Sorting : Nothing wrong with selecting the fresh, young and crunchy vegetables like beans, cauliflowers, cabbage, etc which are usually not pre-packed.  I have seen shoppers patiently choosing Green/French beans, put them side by side, measure and put back those which are longer or shorter. Some would press to check the freshness or tear away the first layer (supposedly to reduce weight) of cabbages. Some would even remove the stalks to lessen the much would such action save in price??
The supermarket employee usually removes the bruised front surfaces of the cabbages before loading onto the display stand

- Exchanging : It is not uncommon to see shoppers exchanging the items in pre-packed vegetables like onions, lemons, chillies, etc. Those which are sealed suffer less of such fate. Shoppers target those plastics which are tied or simply tagged.

-  Abandoning : As like the fruits, one could see packs of vegetables being abandoned in shelves when the buyers decided against them. Sometimes, one could find nicely selected Green/French beans in plastic bag. That person would have spent time selecting the best...but then.....
Common sight where vegetables were abandoned in a 'convenient' other than its rightful place

Disclaimer :
I do not have any connection with the supermarket/hypermarket either as an owner/proprietor or as an employee. I am just an interested everyday consumer.

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