Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rockers n Rollers Then & Now 3

Steppenwolf - hard rocking grunting lyrics... how not to rock along with them?

Magic Carpet Ride 1969

John Kay & Steppenwolf 2009 : Born to Be Wild/Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet Ride 2012

David Gates &Bread _ David Gates haunting voice was one reason why I love them

If : 1975

David Gates 1992 : Guitar Man/ Sweet Surrender 

America - their harmony was classic!!
Sister Golden Hair 1975
Live 2014

Moody Blues - like Procol Harum, their music was orchestric and haunting
Night In White Satin 1967

Washington DC Live 2012

Thin Lizzy - sounds Irish when I first listened to them
Whiskey In The Jar 1973

Tour of Australia 2013

Nazareth  another melodious rock band that captured my attention
Love Hurts 1976

2005 Studio Version

Everly Brothers - loved world wide. I was one of those who did.....
When Will I Be Loved : July 1960
Walk Right Back 1985

Phil Everly passed away on 3rd Jan 2014 

Bee Gees - learnt all their songs and sang along when played on the radio!
Massachusetts 1967

LA Live 1997

RIP : 
Maurice Gibb (left) passed away 12 Jan 2003 of heartattack
Robin Gibb (centre) passed away on 20 May 2012 succumbed to liver cancer

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