Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rockers-n-Rollers Then and Now 1

Year 2015 : Some rockers from the 60s to 90s are still alive and performing, most probably their farewell tour before going into the sunset. They must be in the late 60s or 70s by now. Here are some of them who had carved a deep impression on me during my teen years with their signature songs. (Thanks to those who uploaded the videos, thanks for sharing..the videos do not belong to me). In our era of 60s & 70s, we have little access to our idols, except through the ever dependent radio and Rediffusion.  Learning the lyrics was through religiously copying through listening and deciphering when the songs were played.

we rented the Rediffusion set for entertainment in the 60s & 70s

SHOWADDYWADDY - fun loving showy rock and roll band that would always bring a smile and a jig to your life whenever you hear their songs. A similar band was Sha Na Na.

1975 with Dave Bartram
2015 Only two original members left

FREE  the hard driving rockers of the 70s whom everyone loved.
1970 - All Right Now

Paul Rodgers 2008

BAD COMPANY- typical rock band of that era, includes Rainbow. Melodious rock music and soulful singing. Never failed to buy all their album, vinyl records.
Feel Like Making Love 1975

2011 at Wembley

Black Sabbath - a band which I heard and love but no chance to get their records as they were deemed to be controversial then.
Paranoid 1970

Birmingham May 2012

Led Zeppelin - Robert could one not remembering him? Whole Lotta Love had me screaming along then.
Stairway To Heaven, Earls Court 1975

Stairway To Heaven 2009

Dire Straits - easy listening guitar riffs. Could not quite get the meaning of 'Money for Nothing' until much later.
Sultan of Swing Live Aid 1985

Sultan Of Swing, Basel 1992

Mark Knopfler - Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits song) - live Munich 2015 07 11

Deep Purple - one of the rock band which deeply influenced me in music. Got to see them at National Theatre in the 70s...could not afford the ticket, so have to squeeze with the free loaders at the hill top behind the theatre. Ah, those were the days.
Child In Time 1970

Child In Time 2014


(Live at The Royal Albert Hall 2014)

Rolling Stones - always deemed them to be the bad boys of rock but love them all the same. Alaways tried to imitate Jagger in 'Satisfaction" during those times. Their music get a great lift during the Vietnam war.

Paint It Black 1970

Ohio Stadium 2015

Cream - even though their existence was short, I could not get enough of them. Great guitar riffs, solid bass and pounding drums........Then, I did not know why they did not last.....

Farewell Concert 1968 Sunshine of Your Love

 Reunion Concert 2005

Iron Butterfly - as their album was not easily available, I was left with only hearing them once a while.


Procol Harum - who could forget their haunting hit during that era???
A Whiter Shade of Pale 1967

May 1967 Release

Denmark 2006

Marmalade - a norm of that era, smooth harmonious singing with haunting guitar sound. Similar band would be Tremeloes.

Reflections of My Life 1967


The Hollies - bought all their albums and even gave one away as a present. Never tired of listening to them and their harmony.
Bus Stop : June 1966

The Hollies - Bus Stop @ Vostertfeesten 2015

Tremeloes- same as Marmalade, easy to sing along

Silence is Golden 1967/68

Even the Bad Times are Good 1967

Tremeloes - Here comes my Baby; Silence is golden 2011

Small Faces - never get to know how they look like until much later. Fun fun band to listen to, like Kinks. Till today, never failed to get the spelling of  Itchycoo Park right.

Small Faces - Itchycoo Park (1967)

Lazy Sunday - 2015 Celebration
Small Faces - Lazy Sunday Afternoon (1968)

The Shadows - how I wished I could play the guitar like Hank Marvin...many boys that time would love to be like him so as to impress the girls! However, lack of talent made me status quo ie still not knowing how to play the instrument today! The Quests had a similar style.
Apache 1969

Final Tour 2004

Creedence Clearwater Revival -  never failed to learn how to sing their songs!! John Fogerty's haunting voice was one to imitate.

Down On a Corner 1969

John Fogerty Live 2005

Bless all the artistes and their songs, they kept me well and very much alive all the time!! Keep rocking and rolling.....Thanks to those who shared their videos through Youtube. You all made my life whole again when viewing and listening to the past which never would be the same again.

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