Sunday, January 25, 2015

FA Cup 4th Rd Week 24 Jan

The Giants kept falling in this round:
First, Chelsea were beaten at home by league one Bradford City after leading 2-0 by the 38 mins. How Jose Mourinho's men could be thrashed like that at home was beyond comprehension. Surely one of the greatest giant killing act of all time. Jose would definitely had a few choice words to say to his cocky Blues.

Second, Man City followed suit by losing 0-2 to Middlesborough at Etihad. Pelligrini would definitely be hurt by this loss to a lower division team at home.

Third, third place in-form Southampton lost 2-3 to Palace at home. Alan Pardew seemed to have revived this Palace team since defecting from Newcastle.

Fourth, Swansea were knocked out 1-3 at Blackburn Rovers.

Fifth, Spurs were beaten 1-2 at home by lower ranked Leicester City

Giants who survived temporarily:

Cambridge Utd vs Man Utd : 0-0 another poor poor display by the Red Devils against the lowest ranked team in the tournament. Cambridge got what they wanted ie a bumper payout replay at Old Trafford. If not for some big reputation which Van Gaal had, he would be booted out long ago. None of the players seemed to want to play for their future at Old Trafford, real sad.

Liverpool vs Bolton : 0-0 toothless display by the Reds at home against a lower division team. Maybe they are distracted by the coming second-leg League Cup semifinal against Chelsea in the forth coming midweek.

 Survived: Arsenal survived a fight back by home team, Brighton & H A to win 3-2. With so many top rivals being dumped, the holders must fancy themselves to be the favorite.

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