Monday, January 5, 2015

FA Cup 3rd Round

This is normally the platform where 'David' teams of the lower division have the opportunity to slay the 'Goliath' teams of Premier League. This year, there was no major upsets though some of the PL teams found it uncomfortable to play against their minor opponents.

Yeovil Town vs Man Utd : 0-2 potential banana skin tie turned out to be just an uncomfortable win. Until the 60th minute, it was goalless until the big guns of the Devils, Juan Mata, di Maria were brought out. Herrera and di Maria scored the goals

Chelsea vs Watford : 3-0 the Blues scored in the goals in 2nd half

Arsenal vs Hull : 2-0 repeat of last year's final, this time Gunners won more easily

Man City vs Sheffield Wed : 2-1 come from behind win by the Citizens, both goals scored by midfielder James Milner

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