Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Manchester United a new new low

27 August
Just when one thought that the Red Devils would not go down to a new low, the Capital One Cup provided the abyss for them. There seemed to be darkness since the retirement of SAF. Losing to MK Dons, a 3rd tier team, was unthinkable in the not too far era ago. But thrashed, humiliated by 4-0?? As a Red Devils fan, these scenerio are too common nowadays even when Van Gaal is in charge. I believed that he had never been humiliated in such a manner before.
Yes, the team at MK Dons was a mixture of young and fringe players. However, there were still enough internationals like Jonny Evans, J Hernandez, S Kagawa in the team who were rated higher than any of the opposition players and yet...... What was Van Gaal thinking about? Fielding a reserve team when he has less games to play this season, no worry about European competitions. Maybe, playing for Manchester United is no more an honour. The Red Devils are an also ran team. Wonder how Di Maria felt now that he signed for a team who are continuously being humiliated. How far bottom will the Red Devils go? Relegation from Premier league?

Red Devil fan since 60s

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